Week 4 blog – Chapter 10

Because of the growing number of Mexico children attending school in America, I would definitely have my future students utilizing the Web site, “Mexico for Kids (Mexico para ninos),” found at www.elbalero.gob.mx/index_kids.html. iof

By using this online resource, discussed in Chapter 10, many non-Latino students can easily learn about the land, people and culture of Mexico. There are links to information about the country’s history, government and recent news, as well as fun craft projects and games.

Since many Latino children are second-generation Americans, they might feel out of touch with the customs and traditions of their parents’ homeland. I believe this Web site could help boost positive self-esteem. With their heritage discussed more in class, Mexican children might find that their classmates embrace them more.

But there’s another MAJOR reason why I would use this site. I would be passionate about teaching basic Spanish terms to my students because I studied the language for four years while in high school. Spanish was also my minor in college.

2 thoughts on “Week 4 blog – Chapter 10

  1. This site is great. I like the fact that the internal links are extensions of the main site, that is to say they were created by the same provider. This is comforting knowing that your students have a vast amount of safe information at their fingertips. I also see it as a great importance for children to get in touch with their culture as well as learning and understanding others. I believe this is already occurring in more urbanized schools and I hope it continues to spread to the most rural of areas.

  2. I have always been amazed by my students’ embarrassment of speaking Spanish. This site would create a sense of pride and would hopefully increase their interest in their culture and langauge.

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